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Hello There!


August 25, 2016

So I'm turning 25yrs old and I've been low key freaking out because 25 sounds like such a milestone. Maybe the saying "quarter life crisis" is creeping into my thoughts. I've learned so much & have grown more into myself in my twenties. I've been reflecting a lot lately on how much has changed. I graduated from ASU, did a year of grad school, got engaged, started my own art business full time, got married, & have established a strong community of friends! To be honest it's been a bit of a whirlwind! I used to think that 25 meant you needed to own a house, a puppy, & be a cute pregnant wife who had being domestic down to a science & looked amazing all the time doing it. Although my life hasn't hit that chapter yet I know that I can be proud of where life has taken me so far. I wanted to share some things I've been reflecting on! I have by no means "perfected" these 25 life lessons but I feel like they have impacted my life tremendously especially in the last few years. 


1. Don't take yourself or life too seriously.


2. Make time for what's important for you. (Friends, working out, you time, etc.)


3. Learn how to say no & set good boundaries.


4. Have friends who build you up & bring out the best version of yourself!


5. Just breathe, it's not that big of a deal. 


6. Be aware of your emotions but don't let them control you. 


7. View your mistakes as a growing opportunity, not as failure. 


8. Focus on one thing at a time. Be present in whatever you're doing.


9. There is a lot more freedom when you realize it doesn't have to be perfect. 


10. Be authentic. Stay true to who you are no matter how trends change.


11. Trust your intuition, it's often right. 


12. Give people the benefit of the doubt.


13. Be kind to yourself, you deserve grace!


14. Comparison will steal your joy.


15. Life isn't picture perfect like social media can portray it. 


16. Save money, you'll thank yourself later.


17. You can't do everything, take extra things off your plate so you can do fewer things better. 


18. I learned so much about myself when I was single. Take time to be content with being secure in your singleness.


19. You aren't defined by what you own.


20. Collaborating & working with others is a great way to bond your community.


21. Laugh often! Laugh at yourself!


22. Stay humble & kind.


23. Stay curious, always continue learning new things!


24. Compromise is key. Pick your battles wisely. 


25. Be grateful always. Show others when you're thankful. 


and one more for this year to come...


26. Chase your dreams! You never know what could happen!

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I'm Savannah Ashley Corcoran.

I am living in Tempe, Arizona with my sweet Husband Johnny.

This blog is a creative outlet for me to share life's moments, thoughts, projects, traveling, and anything else in between! 

I hope you enjoy reading along!