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Hello There!

Inspiration is All Around

February 26, 2017

Inspiration is such a funny concept. When I think about what I think it means to me I think of something that catches your attention and ignites your soul on fire. When I went to Cosanti for the first time I was immediately awe struck by the concrete architecture, the gorgeous windchimes, and how random that it is all located in a random neighborhood in Paradise Valley, AZ. I couldn't believe that it was open to the public and that Cosanti is the gallery and studio of Italian-American architect Paolo Soleri; it was his residence until his death in 2013. I am someone who gets inspired by all sorts of random things. Nature, Fashion, Architecture, People, Podcasts, Books, and Music all inspire me daily. 


To be completely honest though lately I have felt very un-inspired, kind of felt like I hit a real dry patch. In my field of work it is really important to stay inspired and continue to keep creating new pieces while staying relevant with different trends in the creative community, while still staying authentic to yourself of course!


I would say that my style depends a lot on my mood or what I am doing that day. Well my artwork is pretty similar. Depending on what is going on in my life I feel like my artwork has always been an outlet for my emotion, especially when I used to paint on canvas often. Currently in my life there are a lot of random changes happening and transition that I feel like I have felt really uninspired mainly because my mind is usually somewhere else. My thoughts have been more held up by things that I haven't been looking at all the inspiration around me. The thing that has helped me the most is to try something completely out of the norm of my routine or skill set, to challenge myself to grow and in that it has sparked some inspiration. Sometimes I just need to be reminded to get out of my head and admire God's beautiful creations daily. 



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I'm Savannah Ashley Corcoran.

I am living in Tempe, Arizona with my sweet Husband Johnny.

This blog is a creative outlet for me to share life's moments, thoughts, projects, traveling, and anything else in between! 

I hope you enjoy reading along!