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Hello There!

The Doggy Diaries: Life with Mozzie Pt. 1

January 10, 2018


The day has finally come...I'm officially a dog mom! Meet Mozzie, he is a 2month old bundle of love! The shelter said they think he is an Aussie Border Collie Mix! Puppy love is a real thing! But enough about how much I love him because I could go on forever. I mainly am writing this for a few reasons: to give comfort to anyone who needs it, helpful tips(take it or leave it), and just for me to document this experience! 

1. There is so much out there about puppy training that is so great to educate yourself on! Everyone has their opinions on how you should train or discipline but choose for yourself and what works for your individual pup. Not everyones advice is helpful or the "right way"

2. Puppy life is so rewarding but is so freaking hard! Make sure you're ready for the commitment and time it takes to devote to training a pup. I'm thankful we waited 3 years and didn't rush the process until we were fully ready! Obviously you never feel prepared completely but having a flexible schedule and tools to help with success help!

3. A puppy is kinda like having a newborn baby except they don't have a diaper and they have razor sharp teeth and can get into everything right away. Puppy proof the house if you can and have a designated puppy proofed place like the kitchen where he can roam free in! 

4. The most helpful thing that's worked for us is being consistent and showing him a lot of love! 


At the end of the day we are just faking it til we make it and doing the best we can to train this pup to not grow up to be a terror but to be a love bug, hopefully! Also just keeping him safe & alive! Small successes are big successes in this new puppy adventure!


IF you have found something to have worked really well for you and your pup, please leave a comment with suggestions! I am open to learning and growing in this puppy process! 

Have a puppy who bites? me too. 

Here are the things that I have been doing & not doing to train Mozzie not to bite me.

1. Replace my hands with dog chew toys over & over again. 

2. Play with the chew toys with him so he knows he can chew those toys!

3.. Say "Ouch" in a louder voice and pull your hand away from his mouth. 

4. I'm chasing to not hold his mouth shut because I think that could be seen as 2 things...potentially him thinking its a game or playing with him OR it could make him be more aggressive which I don't want either. I'm no expert but this is just my own personal opinion. 

5. Choose your battles on when to be more firm or scold him. If he bites my face thats a Big no no for me so I will in a louder firm voice scold him and say "NO MOZZIE" 

6. The best thing I have found is that if he is bored is when he wants to play bite, so keeping him entertained and getting his energy out helps! 


Potty Training sucks...yes, yes it does

1. Roll up your rugs, they will love peeing on them. haha Mozzie kept peeing in the same area on our new rug so I just had to decide it was best to roll it up until he was potty trained. 

2. See if your pup has a "tell sign" giveaway that they need to poop or pee. Mozzy starts sniffing the ground more than normal when he needs to poop. 

3. Everytime you take them outside say "Go Potty" in an encouraging voice haha. (So lame and embarrassing but I swear it helps train them)

4. When they do go potty outside congratulate them like its the best day every saying something like "Good Boy Mozzie! You went potty! Good Job!" and always reward with a treat! 

5. I'm finding it helpful to take Mozzie to the same spot to go potty as he previously has, usually he will smell that area and then he knows that's a good spot to go. 

6. Accidents will happen inside. Be patient. I know its frustrating but it's not there fault. It's our fault for not taking him out sooner or more frequent. Their bladders are so small that they are still learning how to hold it. 

7. Get some puppy carpet/floor cleaner! I'm so thankful we have wood floors because I wouldn't want to have to constantly clean carpet. 

8. Shut bedroom doors so that they have a controlled space in case they do have an accident. 

9. We recently just got a bell that hangs from our back door knob and we are going to try to train Mozzie to hit it when he needs to go potty so we know to let him outside. This has worked for a friend of mine so we are willing to give it a shot! 


Things you should know about a pup (that I'm glad someone told me!)

1. Puppies can't be around other dogs, go on walks, or to dog parks until they have had all their shots because they can get Parvo (Which is deadly). I have been wanting to take Mozzie out and about to meet other dogs and go on walks since we got him but I know its best to play it safe.

2. They really do take a lot of time, attention, and SO much patience. 

3. They need things to chew or they will chew you haha. Nylabones have been a life saver. Getting your pup different types of toys helps too because they need to be entertained and to get all their energy out! 

4. Routines & consistency are so important! They learn so fast if you stick to morning/night routines. Also rewarding for positive behavior is so key!

5. Teaching them "key words" or phrases helps to teach commands. 

6. Find an awesome vet who you trust. Ask them tons of questions, they really do know best! 


Well that is all for now! Mozzie will be getting his last round of shots this week so there will be much more to update on once he gets to adventure outside the house!


Feel free to follow his instagram account; @lifewithmozzie


I have always wanted a dog but never thought I could love a pup as much as I love Mozzie! He has brought so much love & joy! 

















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I'm Savannah Ashley Corcoran.

I am living in Tempe, Arizona with my sweet Husband Johnny.

This blog is a creative outlet for me to share life's moments, thoughts, projects, traveling, and anything else in between! 

I hope you enjoy reading along!