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Hello There!

Denver Travel Guide

April 25, 2019

This was our first time going to Denver, Colorado so we were so excited to explore!

We wanted to do all the touristy things. We went to Denver for a wedding & it also happened

to be a perfect time to celebrate our 5year wedding anniversary! We stayed with family for 2 nights and then spent the last night at The Ramble Hotel. We didn't have enough time to do everything

on our list but we definitely did as much as we could in a weekend! If we would have had an

extra day we would have done some out doorsy things like gone to

Red Rock Amphitheater & St. Mary's Glacier!

Union Station

We took the train to Union Station from the airport and I loved being able to see something

touristy right away! There are plenty of shops, restaurants, & a cool cocktail bar on the

second level where the cool windows are! We didn't explore too much in

here but there is definitely a lot of cool spots.


The Ramble Hotel

The Ramble Hotel was my favorite hotel I've ever stayed in! Every detail of design was

beyond beautiful! I also loved that Death & Co was the bar inside the hotel!

They also had the cutest coffee shop with a really delicious avocado toast!

I also highly recommend putting on the hotel robe!


Death & Co

I was so excited about having a yummy mocktail & Kama's Arrow was my absolute

favorite! Johnny said that the cocktails he had were the best he has ever had!

Each drink was beautiful too! 


Port Side

Port Side was right next to The Ramble which made it super convenient to get breakfast

at! I got a matcha & a breakfast sandwich that was super basic but in the best way! We

sat on the patio because the weather was perfect! It is a cute little spot!

Rino Art District

Such a great touristy free thing to do in Denver! Walk and see all the cool wall art!


Little Man Ice Cream

This was the best ice cream I think ever! It is well worth the wait if there is a line!

I got the Salted Maple Pecan and was a big fan! I am a huge ice cream fan!



The best thing about Onefold was their frothy orange juice! Honestly I usually don't love 

orange juice but this tastes like a creamsicle! A lot of the food is cooked in duck fat 

which didn't feel too good on my preggo tummy so originally I ordered the bacon

fried rice but I ended up trading Johnny for his breakfast

croissant sandwich. This spot is such a cute little spot!

Voo Doo Donut is super close to hear too so we went there after!


VooDoo Donuts

We came to Voo Doo Donuts after eating at Onefold which I was already so full from

breakfast but managed to make room for a donut. I didn't choose the right donut to get

but the donut was good of course! I just kind of wish I would have

gotten something else but I got a captain crunch donut.

I am normally more of a glazed donut gal



We went to Kachina for dinner and got these amazing Navajo Fry Bread Tacos! 


The Source

The Source is another great spot that has a lot of shops, restaurants, etc.

We ended up coming here to hangout on the rooftop which has a great view! 


Beet and Yarrow

This was the cutest little flower shop inside The Source.


Denver Art Museum

I liked the Denver Art Museum but it was a bit out of our way & I kind of wish we would

have gone to the Contemporary Art Museum instead. Also the Rino Art District is a free

option to still see some cool artwork while not spending money!


Enjoy Denver!




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I'm Savannah Ashley Corcoran.

I am living in Tempe, Arizona with my sweet Husband Johnny.

This blog is a creative outlet for me to share life's moments, thoughts, projects, traveling, and anything else in between! 

I hope you enjoy reading along!